Workshop: Unconscious processes in couples choice - 16 April 2016, London

This workshop provides a way in to examining how couples choose each other, and how psychodynamic psychotherapy can play a role in addressing intimate couple relationships through clinical practice
  • What is going on unconsciously when two people choose each other?
  • What do we mean clinically when we speak of a ‘couple fit’?
  • How is the intimate couple relationship understood in psychodynamic psychotherapy?
  • What meaning might these ideas have for those offering individual counselling or psychotherapy?

Among the objectives of this workshop are to:
  • introduce a psychodynamic model of unconscious processes in the choice of a partner in an intimate relationship
  • illustrate some examples of unconscious collusive pairings in “couple fit”with the use of film extracts
  • discuss some psychodynamic couple clinical material in the light of the above
  • use contributions from the participants’ clinical work to apply this thinking to work with individuals

This workshop is open to qualified and training psychotherapists and counsellors. The theoretical orientation of the workshop will be psychodynamic but practitioners of other modalities are welcome to attend.


WPF Therapy Limited, 23 Magdalen Street, London SE1 2EN

More info here.
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