Vienna 1913: When Freud, Hitler, Trotsky, Tito and Stalin all lived in the same place

A century ago, a single square mile in the capital of the then Austro-Hungarian Empire was home to some of the most remarkable men of the 20th Century.

In 1913, Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Tito and Freud all lived within a few miles of each other in Vienna, with some of them being regulars at the same coffeehouses.

The characters would have spent much time in these same two square miles of central Vienna

The Vienna of 1913
  • The neurologist Sigmund Freud moved to Vienna in 1860 as a child and left the city in 1938 after the Nazis annexed Austria
  • Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin spent a month in the city, meeting Trotsky and writing Marxism and the National Question, with Nikolay Bukharin
  • Nazi leader Adolf Hitler is believed to have lived there between 1908 and 1913 where he struggled to make a living as a painter
  • Josip Broz, later Yugoslav leader Marshal Tito, was a metalworker before being drafted into the Austro-Hungarian army
  • Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky lived in Vienna from about 1907 to 1914, launching paper Pravda - The Truth

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