24 Freudian Gifts: Materialize your neurosis with beloved Freud!

Don’t stress, just sit down on that couch and tell us what you really want to buy.

#1 Freudian Slippers


Sigmund Freud understood the value of comfortable things. The most famous example is that therapy couch of his. While all the other therapists in town were using hard wooden stools and benches, people were lining up outside Berggasse 19 to lie on Freud's comfy chaise.

We've taken our cue from Freud in designing these fun and comfy Freudian Slippers. They're fuzzy and plush and look like the great master himself. As an extra feature, each slipper has our patented built-in sock tongue! Spending a relaxing Sunday morning in your Freudian Slippers is as satisfying as a breakthrough therapy session - and considerably less expensive. 

The Freudian Slippers are available in men's and women's sizes. They also come in an attractive gift box and make a great gift for anyone in therapy (or needing therapy) - which is pretty much everyone you know. 

#2 Tell Me About Your Mother!




#3 Freud Action Figure!


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Includes a distinctly phallic cigar

#4 Sigmund Freud Watch


The Sigmund Freud Watch lets you see what's on his mind - and probably yours! Six different obsessions - Mom, Dad, Sex, Envy, Id, and Eros - rotate through the thought bubble above Freud's head every second. Unlock your deepest anxieties every time you check your watch! Perfect for the philosopher, psychologist or deeply repressed individual in your life.


#5 Pink Freud Mug


Is There Anybody Out There?

Nobody's as out-there as this mug.

It's the morning necessity for everyone who's ever thought, "I wish my coffee could really Speak to Me." Take it with you everywhere from Vienna to The Dark Side of the Moon. Pour yourself a steaming cup of your favorite beverage and savor the day before you have to Run Like Hell.

Freud's portrait is rendered in Flamingo-pink and you can have this mug in Any Colour You Like as long as it's black. Since it holds 10 ounces and it's dishwasher safe, why not pick up A Nice Pair?

#6 Pink Freud T-Shirt


Does anxiety about the modern world make you comfortably numb? Travel to the dark side of the unconscious with our Pink Freud t-shirt. Have a cigar!

#7 Freud Finger Puppet & Fridge Magnet



Act out psychoanalytic fantasies through the medium of finger-puppeting.
Complete with stern expression.
For a myriad for subliminal puppet games.
Freud is happy to hang out on your fridge but he may psychoanalyse the contents.

#8 Dr. Freud's Therapy Ball


This ball will respond to your heartfelt confessions with the stony objectivity of Dr. Freud himself.

#9 Freud Pill Box


Wouldn't it be nice to have Sigmund Freud around to remind you to take your medication? It's possible (sort of) thanks to the Freud Pill Box. This handy, fine chrome pill box features a high-gloss image of Freud himself, along with a speech bubble reading, "Don't forget your meds." When you press the button, the latch springs open to reveal compartments for your Paxils, Klonipins, Welbutrins, or any other sort of pill. If you prefer, you can remove the divider to make one large compartment for your tablets and capsules. The Freud Pill Box doesn't actually speak, so if you hear it talking to you, then perhaps you've missed a dose of something or other.

#10 Freud Yo Mama Women's T-shirt


#11 Freudian Sips Coffee Mug


What's a Freudian Sip? When you say one thing but mean your mother! Have no fear about saying what's really on your mind when drinking out of one of these. They're chock full o' nuts!

The breast coffee mug ever!

#12 Sigmund Freud Finery - Magnetic Dress-Up Wardrobe


 The king of psychoanalysis is now in your hands (or on your fridge)!


Dress Freud up as Hannibal Lecter, a punk or a drag queen complete with fishnet stockings!

#13 Freudian Slips Sticky Notes


Sigmund Freud might have been a genius, but he wasn't very organized. He was always missing appointments, losing his keys, and forgetting where he left his lit cigar. (The original quote was ?Sometimes a cigar is just under a cushion smoldering somewhere.?) Yes, Sigmund would have benefited greatly from this set of Freudian Slips Sticky Notes. Each 3 1/4" X 4 1/4"booklet contains over 300 sticky notes of assorted shapes and sizes. The largest of the Freudian Slips features Sigmund Freud himself, while another looks like his personal stationery. It makes a perfect, inexpensive gift for all the psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychos in your life.

When closed, the books measure 3 1/4" X 4 1/4" and will fit nicely in your purse or back pocket!

#14 Sigmund Freud Soft Toy


Embrace the articulator of the unconscious.
Radical psychology in an austere, but cuddly, black suit.
Freud WILL psychoanalyse your hugs but luckily he's just a doll!

#15 Freud’s Life and Legacy, in a Comic



This stunning graphic novel by economist, historian, and psychoanalyst Corrine Maier explores the life and work of one of the twentieth century's most influential thinkers. Freud is the perfect introduction to the man's genius, his life, and his struggles with a revolutionary and divisive approach to the mind and its inner workings. Anne Simon spins this unique and captivating story into a seamless whirl of image and text, worthy of the master of psychoanalysis' most extraordinary cases.

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Introductory Books on Freud:

#16 Neurocomic: A Graphic Novel About How the Brain Works



Neurocomic is a journey through the human brain: a place of neuron forests, memory caves, and castles of deception. Along the way, you'll encounter Boschean beasts, giant squid, guitar-playing sea slugs, and the great pioneers of neuroscience.

#17 Giant Nerve Cell


Nervous? Relax, and trust your impulses. 

#18 Giant Brain Cell


The more brain cells you have, the smarter you are.

#19 The Human Brain Coloring Book


Developed by internationally renowned neurosurgeons, this unique book is designed for students of psychology and the biological sciences, and medical, dental, and nursing students.

#20 Medical Anatomical Brain Model


life size, 9-part, with arteriesanatomically accurate
on a base for easy display
a perfect tool for medical professionals



#21 15 Mind Reading Tricks


Mind reading magic trick set

#22 Sigmund Freud Candy Book

Sucking this candy doesn't mean anything except it's delicious! 


Instead of containing the world-changing insights and observations of Sigmund Freud, this tiny book is full of banana-flavored candy decorated with Freud's face! Any sweet tooth with an out of balance ego and superego will appreciate the 3.3 oz. of hard candy inside. The package looks great on a bookshelf with other books or in your dream when you're naked at school eating candy while you watch a rocket launch.


#23 Freud Toothpaste

Tube features father of psychology and tastes like bananas (for some reason)

Sigmund Freud is the father of mental health, why not use him for dental health as well?



#24 Useless Box


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