Slavoj Zizek: The Reality of the Virtual

In this tour de force filmed lec­ture, Sla­voj Žižek lucidly and com­pel­lingly reflects on belief – which takes him from Father Christ­mas to demo­cracy – and on the vari­ous forms that belief takes, draw­ing on Lacanian cat­egor­ies of thought. In a rad­ical dis­missal of today’s so called post-polit­ical era, he mobil­izes the para­dox of uni­ver­sal truth urging us to dare to enact the impossible. It is a char­ac­ter­istic vir­tu­oso per­form­ance, mov­ing promis­cu­ously from sub­ject to sub­ject but keep­ing the lar­ger argu­ment in view.

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