Little Madnesses: Winnicott, Transitional Phenomena and Cultural Experience

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Little madnesses are our most deeply felt enthusiasms,investments and attachments in the sphere of culture. The term was coined by the child psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott,whose work on transitional phenomena grew out of his naming of the transitional object,and extended into preliminary explorations of the crucial role played by cultural experience in a life that feels satisfying. Here, in original chapters,writers, artists,scholars and experts develop and revitalize cultural theory by exploring the idea of transitional phenomena and its potential to extend and deepen our understanding of cultural experience in mental and social life. Exploring cult films, computer use,installation art,trips to the cinema,museums and galleries,and the agony and ecstasy of making art, they focus on the importance of space, place,and boundaries in cultural experience;on how we can negotiate the use of media,as well as cultural identity;and consider the aesthetic and creative aspects of cultural experience.

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