"Of Freedom and Fear": Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society XXVII Conference,15 - 16 April 2016, Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society will hold its XXVII CONFERENCE on 15 and 16 April in Lisbon, with the unifying theme "Of Freedom and Fear".

This event will bring together portuguese psychoanalysts and different personalities from different fields of culture. We will also have the pleasure to receive for two plenary conferences: “Psychoanalysis as Freedom Path” and “Fear and Freedom in the the current Societies: psychoanalytic approaches” our colleagues Leopold Nosek - with CAPSA-IPA support - and Paul Denis.

We believe that the subject “Of Freedom and Fear” – and the polysemy contained by it – has a profound contemporary relevance, and that psychoanalysis can bring a deeper understanding of both individual and social mechanisms related to those dimensions of the Human. Our aim is to gather a wide range of participants, and to put different areas of thought in dialogue with psychoanalysis.

Further information for programme and registration.

4/15/2016 8:00 AM - 4/16/2016 10:00 PM

Faculdade de Psicologia da Universidade de Lisboa
Lisbon, Portugal
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