Eat the Evidence: A Journey Through The Dark Boroughs Of A Pedophilic Cannibal's Mind

Eat The Evidence tells the story of a violent serial pedophile and murderer. It does not attempt to take the reader inside the mind of a serial killer, rather it attempts to take the serial perpetrator into the psyche of the reader. This allows the reader to experience a portion of the psychic primitiveness that a serial perpetrator uses to ensnare his victims. Eat The Evidence follows Nathaneal Bar Jonah from birth to death on a torrent of pedophilic and homicidal mayhem. The book was compiled from hundreds of hours of interviews and more than a hundred thousand pages of court documents.

Volume One: Eat the Evidence

Volume Three: There is No Body

    John Espy uncovers the psychological ‘signature’ of the serial killer

    ‘I hadn’t started out per se to ‘study’ serial murderers, now many years ago. I was doing neurological research on the NASA Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. Increasingly I was becoming interested in neuropathology of primitive personalities. In biochemistry we go to the molecular structure of a compound to see what its chemical signature is composed of. What then was the signature of what may be the most primitive form of man; who represented man at his serially worst: A murderer who killed for seemingly pleasurable gain and who used power, control and dominance, as a way of torturing his victims before he murdered them. In those days the term ‘serial killer’ was not yet in the public sector as it resides today nor did the idea of a serial killer carry the current voyeuristic allure.

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