Didn't Lacan say that Japanese do not have an unconscious?

"But there is another Japan, the psycho-analytic. Whenever you have the multi-culturalist approach, the almost standard example is Japan and its way of 'Verneinung', saying no. There are thirty ways to say no. You say no to your wife in one way, no to a child in another way. There is not one negation. There exists a small Lacanian volume, 'La chose japonaise.' They elaborate the borrowing of other languages, all these ambiguities. Didn't Lacan say that Japanese do not have an unconscious? For the West, Japan is the ambiguous Other: at the same time it fascinates you and repels you."

Zizek, Slavoj and Geert Lovink (Interviewer). "Japan through a Slovenian Looking Glass: Reflections of Media and Politic and Cinema." in: Inter Communications No. 14. 1995.


ジャック=マリー=エミール・ラカン(Jacques-Marie-Émile Lacan、1901年4月13日 - 1981年9月9日)は、フランスの哲学者、精神科医、精神分析家。

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