Philosophers on Tinder

365 Etudes For Celebrating Pleasure“ is the title of a multimedia project made by visual artist Kamran Behrouz. His work consists of daily drawings and text research regarding to philosophy, Art, psychoanalysis, political science, Pop culture etc.

From "Philosophers on Tinder":

“Philosophers on Tinder is a satiric series of illustrations reflecting on the notion of sexuality, desire and identity in relation to the idea of virtual reality.

The attempt is made to raise questions regarding to our desires through the lens of different philosophers and psychoanalysts.

Questions such as what Part of the the "Real" is really considered real for each individual? And what do we want from virtual reality or a Virtual platform (e.g. tinder) and how does the virtual resembling the process of Phantasy. And how does the virtual or phantasy forging our realities as humans of 21th century.”

One Of the outcomes of 365 etudes for celebrating pleasure is a book with the same title. It Will be publish on November/December 2016.

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Bartleby, the Scrivener: “I would prefer not to.
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