Vienna International Summer School, June 26 - July 3, 2016

This academic and experiential summer school program is designed for both students and professionals. The one-week course will also be of great interest to anyone who wants to learn more about the origin of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud’s impact on psychotherapy, and the cultural and historic implications of Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Join other like-minded learners and explore analytic history, thought and modern practice of psychoanalysis in Vienna, where it all began. Classes will be held at Sigmund Freud University and various historic spots within Vienna.

This is an immersive experience that focuses on theoretical as well as experiential learning about the fundamental principles of the science of psychotherapy. It is open to students, professionals and individuals from all over the world with a thirst for more knowledge on this topic.

This summer, immerse yourself in psychoanalysis and the rich cultural heritage of Vienna

Be part of an international contingent for an intensive, one-week program in the fundamentals and history of psychotherapy. Learn what the books don’t teach. Explore the places and principles that were until now simply part of your imagination.

You’ll learn from international professors and experts as you engage in classroom activities focused on deepening your skills, theory and experience of the broad topic of psychotherapy science. You’ll also explore cultural and multi-cultural sensitivities from a wide range of perspectives.
Hosted by Sigmund Freud University and Mind Body Passport’s Dr. Leslee Brown, this International Summer School program consists of lectures and theory along with self-awareness (experiential, integration) courses, working up the theoretical lectures, and learning in accord with the general orientation of European learning models. Members of the university’s academic staff will guide our enlightening off-campus excursions.

The academic program will be woven together daily in-group psychoanalysis integration and a daily morning social dream group that will provide students with the experience of enhancing understanding of themselves, the group and analytic theory.

Participants will convene to study “The Human Soul,” with opportunities to learn about global citizenship through immersion in the vibrant Viennese culture. Learning happens through observation, dialogue, self-reflection and hands-on experiences, taking you from the academics of the classroom to the sights and sounds of the Vienna of yesterday and today.
All participants will receive a course certificate of completion.

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