The Psychodynamics of Social Networking - 27 Apr 2016, London

Over the past decade, the very nature of the way we relate to each other has been utterly transformed by online social networking and the mobile technologies that enable unfettered access to it. Our very selves have been extended into the digital world in ways previously unimagined, offering us instantaneous relating to others over a variety of platforms like Facebook and Twitter among others. While in many ways this introduces a seemingly new paradigm of relating, these new tools still operate on the basis of the same psychological motivations that have always been present.

Drawing on findings from his book The Psychodynamics of Social Networking: connected-up instantaneous culture and the self, Aaron Balick will apply psychodynamic thinking to understanding today’s digital society from a digital-relational perspective. Broadly, this seminar and discussion will be an application of psychotherapeutic thinking to culture — a necessary angle on today’s digital world that is largely missing from social discourse.
Presenter: Aaron Balick PhD

Aaron Balick is a psychotherapist, cultural theorist, media consultant and author of The Psychodynamics of Social Networking: connected-up instantaneous culture and the self. For more than a decade, he has been taking psychological findings from the clinic and the University and transforming them into useful concepts that can be applied to individuals, organisations and culture. Aaron is also an active communicator and international speaker, a writer for publications including Wired, BBC Online and The Guardian. He is a regular voice on BBC Radio 1 and has consulted on a variety of projects that bring psychological and emotional insight to younger people through the media.

Date/Time - 27 Apr 16 | 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm |£15.00 - £30.00
Location Woburn Room, Senate House, Malet St, London WC1E 7HU

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