Movie and Studyday: À Ciel Ouvert, 1 - 2 April 2016, Vienna

Organizer: Neues Lacansches Feld Österreich / Institute of the Freudian Field (Paris) 

Venue: Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna

An institution in its essence is located in what Lacan called the "Other side of psychoanalysis", that is to say, in the Discourse of the Master. Institutions that provide mental health care are often residential and cover the entire life of the individual. This cannot function without rules and ideals that handle the collective life.

The psychoanalyst, on the contrary, is always interested in the more singular dimension of the subject, which escapes from any collective consideration. Yet, and despite this contradiction, many psychoanalysts work in institutions with mental health patients. How does it become possible?

What is the specific contribution of the psychoanalyst to institutional clinic?

On April 1 and 2 we will discuss these questions.

On Friday April 1, the film À Ciel Ouvert will be screened, which is about the work at Le Courtil, an institution for children in Belgium oriented by Lacanian psychoanalysis. After this screening, we will have the pleasure of a discussion with Guy Poblome, therapeutic director of one of the units of Le Courtil. Saturday April 2 will be dedicated to a study of the place of psychoanalysis in clinical institutions. We will listen to a lecture by Guy Poblome, 'A Practice enlightened by Psychoanalysis' and a lecture by Gil Caroz, 'A Usage of Language as an Institution'.

In the afternoon we will have the opportunity and the time to discuss some clinical problems via two vignettes presented by Andreas Steininger and Norbert Leber.

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