Clinical and Theoretical Seminars: Lectures and Clinical Discussion Groups, 20 April 2016, London

This flexible course enables participants who may be interested in training as a Psychoanalyst, a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, or in discovering the workings of the mind through psychoanalysis, to begin to think or develop thinking in a psychoanalytic way.

The course comprises: 17 Theoretical Lectures/Seminars and 15 Clinical Discussion Groups which take place at 37 Mapesbury Road (Lectures), and Hampstead or at 37 Mapesbury Road, NW2 4JH (CDGs). The Lectures/Seminars provide an opportunity for participants to hear and discuss theoretical lectures covering a broad range in psychoanalysis given by senior BPA Psychoanalysts. The CDGs provide a space for people to present their work and think together about various professional relationships, whether clinical work or work in any type of workplace.

This course is suitable for people wanting to find out more, for those thinking about the possibility of training as a psychoanalyst or psychoanalytic psychotherapist and for those wishing to learn about how to apply psychoanalytic concepts to their professional relationships or clinical work.

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