Transference: A short animation video

Transference (German: Übertragung) is a very useful word from psychoanalysis which describes the process whereby we react to situations in the present according to a pattern laid down in the past, usually in childhood. Getting to know our own particular transferences is part of becoming a sane adult.

Transference I. The process by which a patient displaces on to his analyst feelings, ideas, etc., which derive from previous figures in his life (see displacement); by which he relates to his analyst as though he were sorne former object in his life; by which he projects on to his analyst object-representations acquired by earlier introjections (see projection); by which he endows the analyst with the significance of another, usually prior, object. 2. The state of mind produced by 1 in the patient. 3. Loosely, the patient's emotional attitude towards his analyst.

― Excerpted from A Critical Dictionary of Psychoanalysis

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