The unfinished film of Bion's Memoir of the Future - A Wessex Event - 19 March 2016

In the winter of 1982-3 a film was partly made in India based on Bion’s autobiographical writings, focusing in particular on A Memoir of the Future. The original intention of the film was as a teaching aid, sponsored by the Roland Harris Educational Trust (now the Harris Meltzer Trust) and a number of private sponsors in the UK, USA and India. For a variety of reasons the film was never completed but Meg Harris Williams (scriptwriter) will be showing the existing sequences, pausing between them to read unfilmed parts of the script, and to comment on their context in relation to Bion’s autobiographical writings and ideas.

The director of the film was Kumar Shahani, a wellknown Indian artfilm maker, and the cast of actors included (from England) Nigel Hawthorne, Angela Pleasence, Neil Cunningham and Peter Firth. The film sequences have never been shown in England, though they have been seen recently in New York, California, and Delhi, where they were shot.

Reading University, Seminar Room 1, The Cedars, Whiteknights Campus, RG6 6UR

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