The Wolf Man: The life of a tortured aristocrat... and Freud's most famous case history

Vienna 1910. Russian aristocrat, Sergei Pankejeff asks for Sigmund Freud s help. During analysis, Freud focuses on Pankejeff s dream of a walnut tree full of white wolves. His interpretation of this dream would earn Pankejeff the enduring sobriquet the WolfMan . We follow Pankejeff s life as Freud and other analysts attempt to unravel the source of his crippling neuroses.

The Wolf Man is one of five clinical case histories, from which Freud extrapolated his theories of transference, the Oedipus complex, super-ego and psychosexual development. Freud s now classic psychoanalytic writing blurred the boundary between science and literature, which continues to provoke a fierce debate to this day.

Buy The Wolf Man (Graphic Freud) here. - Free delivery worldwide

Buy The Wolf Man (Graphic Freud) here. - Free delivery worldwide

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