Petite Meller, whose Baby Love was a 2015 anthem, discusses Lacan, quantum physics and how she came to invent ‘nouveau jazzy pop’

Postgraduate philosophy student at the weekends and stylised disco-pop star during the week…

“My thesis is about the sublime and psychosis,” she says. “Schiller was the first to raise this term ‘the sublime’ – he wrote some poetry about this – and then Kant, who I’m writing about. Kant was writing about the sublime of Schiller. The sublime is related to aesthetics and art – the transcendental. Kant says when you look at a drawing or a piece of art and enjoy it, you transcend your mind – you go beyond it to places… it expands your mind. It’s like a joyful game.”

Read more about Petite Meller here: ‘I believe when you want something and imagine it, it happens’

Petite Meller outside the Freud Museum: ‘I believe in unconscious thought… I go to the mic and just let it out.’ Photograph: Island Records

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