A Collection of Over 1000 Psychoanalytic Writings of Freud and his Disciples ~ Free Online

The Collection of the International Psychoanalytic University (COTIPUB) aims to comprise the fundaments of psychoanalytic writing (Freud & Disciples) as well as all psychoanalysis-relevant open-sourced material available. We endeavour to scan first editions in the highest possible quality, in order to present a comprehensive research tool with a distinguished look. However, we will also include already digitalized material of varying quality from other libraries. The Collection will contain various books and journals which have never before been reprinted and have waited patiently to be rescued, digitalized, and shared.

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IPU is a private university located in Berlin, the capital of Germany. IPU was founded in 2009 to offer courses with an emphasis on psychoanalysis, thus bridging the gap in the field of psychological studies where previously the emphasis has been solely on behavioural sciences. IPU distinguishes itself from state-run universities because it offers courses of study that are user-orientated, thus opening the way for career-changes in social careers. Being internationally focused, IPU plans to offer exchange programmes with universities in England and the USA.


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