What is Madness? by Darian Leader

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What is Madness? is Darian Leader's probing study of madness, sanity, and everything in between

What separates the sane from the mad? How hard or easy is it to tell them apart? And what if the difference is really between being mad and going mad?

In this landmark work Darian Leader undermines common conceptions of madness. Through case studies like the apparently 'normal' Harold Shipman, he shows that madness rarely conforms to standard models. What is Madness? explores the idea of quiet madness - that at times many of us live interior lives that are far from sane but allow us to function normally and unthreateningly - he argues that we must seek a new way to assess, treat and deal with those suffering mental health problems.

What is Madness? is Darian Leader's radically insightful and masterfully convincing exploration of a painful, complex but endlessly fascinating area of humanity.

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His most recent books include: What is Madness?; The New Black: Mourning, Melancholia and Depression; Why Do Women Write More Letters Than They Post?; Promises Lovers Make When It Gets Late; Stealing the Mona Lisa: What Art Stops us from Seeing; Why Do People Get Ill?: Exploring the Mind-body Connection (with David Corfield); Strictly Bipolar; and Introducing Lacan: A Graphic Guide (with Judy Groves)
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