The Maudsley Lectures and Seminars in Psychoanalysis - 11 January to 21 March 2016 - London

Maudsley Learning has teamed up with the Institute of Psychoanalysis to deliver a new lecture and seminar series starting in South London in September 2015. The series will consist of live lectures followed by small discussion groups. Some internationally renowned speakers are giving lectures details of which are shown below.

The ORTUS learning and events centre (Camberwell, South London) Monday evenings from 6.30-8.45pm.

Spring 2016 term - 11 January to 21 March

These lectures are particularly suitable for clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and other allied professionals.

To register, please click here

To ensure continuity of discussion, participants are encouraged to attend the entire series of lectures and their accompanying seminars.

Location: Ortus learning and events centre - Click for map


11 January - A Psychoanalytic Model of the Mind: The Application of Psychoanalytic Ideas in Psychiatry - David Bell
18 January - Broken stuff and Fast Lane Driving: Depression and Manic Defences - Gigliola Fornari Spoto
25 January - The Long Term Impact of Traumatic Events - Caroline Garland
1 February - Allergies and Alopecia: Psychosomatic Illness and the Internal World - Nick Temple
8 February - Internal Racism: A Psychoanalytic approach to Race and Difference - Fakhry Davids
15 February - Half Term
22 February - Illusion and disillusion in Psychoanalysis - John Steiner
29 February - A Psychoanalytic Approach to Understanding Groups and Organisations - Philip Stokoe
7 March - Infanticide: Disturbed and Disturbing States of Mind - Carine Minne
14 March - Psychoanalysis, War and Politics: Three Twentieth Century Flashpoints - Daniel Pick
21 March - The Drive to do Nothing: Psychoanalysis and Inertia - Josh Cohen

For enquiries contact: Marjory Goodall, The Institute of Psychoanalysis, Byron House, 112a Shirland Rod, Maida Vale, London W9 2BT.

Telephone: 0207 563 5016

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