Hold Your Breath/Light That Obscures - 17 November 2015

The London Museum London

Screening and discussion: Clement Page and Vicky Caplin

Join us for a screen of two films created by artist and filmmaker Clement Page, inspired by Sigmund Freud's work. Followed by a discussion between the artist and art historian, art agent and former psychoanalyst Vicky Caplin.

Light That Obscures (20 minutes), explores the intimate world of Isabella, a young female artist, living in Berlin, who develops an extreme fear of light, or (photo-phobia). The film focuses on the optical disturbances and fantasies which accompany her fear.

Hold Your Breath (20 minutes), is based on Sigmund Freud’s case history ‘The Wolf-Man: From the History of an Infantile Neurosis’. The ‘Wolf-Man’ is the story of Sergei Pankejeff, an enigmatic Russian boy who, aged five, suffers from a phobia of animals.

More info here.
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