Psychoanalysis.Today Journal - Issue Zero

"The First Time"

by Maurice Apprey

A synthesis of ideas that subserve psychical transfer, transgenerational transmission of destructive aggression follows that of Gaston Bachelard to this effect: synthesis is transformation.

by Serge Frisch

5–16 adolescent blues, not fancying anything, just wishing to stay under the covers. It was a rotten summer: the rain never stopped falling, my friends were off on holiday...

by Maria Teresa Savio Hooke

This paper is about the international commitment of the IPA to develop psychoanalysis in new countries and about the issues, challenges and complexities that this implies.

by Mariano Horenstein

None of us knows for certain that he or she will not be the last psychoanalyst. Psychoanalysis is a theoretical system which undermines the traditional way of conceiving man...

by Kerry Kelly Novick

Our first experiences at the beginning of training matter. They set a tone, lay the foundation for what may become a lifelong stance and challenge us to define ourselves in a developing analytic...

by Stefano Bolognini

As analysts, we know that in psychic life the concept of “first time” requires complex consideration and should be treated with a degree of ‘suspended’ evaluation...

by Lin Tao

The meaning of physical presence of the analytic couple in shared physical space

by Bernardo Tanis

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