Freud 2000
No modern thinker has affected our views on identity and culture as forcefully as Sigmund Freud. Yet what is the relevance of Freud to today′s world? How can Freudian theory be used to explore the cultural possibilities and dangers of the twenty–first century?

At a time when the need for an authoritative reference work is greater than ever before, this book presents a bold defence of the relevance and importance of Freud to contemporary culture. Freud 2000 offers a highly readable and lucid application of Freudian concepts to current theoretical issues in the social sciences and the humanities. Issues addressed include the impact of Freud on our understandings of identity and sexuality; the relationship between psychoanalysis and feminism; problems of epistemology and method; the analysis of political violence and international relations; the temporal and spatial constitution of social practices; the coherence of law and jurisprudence; the interpretation of biography and autobiography; and the dynamics of modernity and postmodernism.

Freud 2000 is composed of major essays from highly distinguished international scholars: Jessica Benjamin, Stephen Frosh, Jacqueline Rose, Anthony Elliott, C. Fred Alford, Steve Pile, Barry Richards, Joanne Brown, Madelon Sprengnether, David S. Caudill and Harvie Ferguson.
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