Between Realities - The International Psychoanalytical Studies Organization - European Meeting - Lisbon, 6 - 8 Nov, 2015

Call for Papers

Submission until 11th September 2015

Themes Suggestion

Which reality do we inhabit? Internal reality, external reality and/or the reality of the analytical couple.

The reality of the candidate: between strictness and strangeness in the contemporary context: what is analysis?

The impossibility of pure psychoanalysis.

Different psychoanalytical views regarding the same reality, or the intangibility of reality.

Framing new realities: the absence of intimacy in contemporary society; immediacy and difficulties in tolerating pain.

Why do people seek us and why do they not?

The analyst as translator of suffering – creating links and spaces.

Psychoanalysis versus new religions, spiritualism and new age movements.

Psychoanalysis and cultural and/or religious challenges.

Psychoanalysis and the media - extending boundaries.

Virtual realities.

Strange victory – psychoanalysis as a creative process .

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