Facing Shadows - What it is like to suffer from depression as a teenager (animated film)

“If I was trying to explain to someone who has never experienced it, ever, it’s like trying to explain a colour that they can’t see.”

A group of young people involved in research at the Anna Freud Centre have come together to make a short animated film about depression.

Out of the workshop, 'Facing Shadows' was created: a short, animated film, about their experiences of depression and going to therapy.

Facing Shadows was created by a group of young people involved in a major research study investigating depression in adolescence working alongside a team of professional filmmakers.

Louisa, one of the young people involved, said: “I want to get awareness of depression out there, because of what I went through. I know so many people going through the same thing and they don’t get help or recognise it, or they think their parents and teachers won’t understand.”

Stella, another of the young filmmakers, said: “The one thing with depression is that you feel alone. I hope that the film sends out a message to people who are suffering from depression and are really low that they are not alone.”

The film aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and to encourage young people to speak out about their problems.

See also 'Facing Shadows: Behind the Scenes', and our companion film, 'Journey through the Shadows', about the experience of being the parent of a child with depression.

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